Final Blog Post

Project Reflection

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To wrap up the Pop Culture class we ended the week presenting our final group projects. Each group of six was to come up with a project that spoke about or targeted a social issue through pop culture. Our group right off the bat decided to come up with a fashion line. We struggled a bit on finding a social issue to tie the clothes line with but once we decided on ocean pollution we all got to work right away. We started with the thought of only making three outfits. Initially it was going to be a garbage bag romper and paper shorts and a tutu with some necklace. We brought in materials from home and got to work. Once we actually began the creating process it became a little harder. To do what we had initially intended was not working but while we were in the zone we created other clothing pieces out of the same material that actually worked well. Sadly we did not take any pictures but we had a paper bag overall for men that represented the pollution it created. It was to show that although paper bags are better than plastic bags they still collaborate to ocean pollution. We also had a blue tutu that represented the ocean with bottle cans and plastic bottles that was meant to show how much pollution is created by plastic bottles and cans. The tutu was worn with fishnets to represent the nets that are sometimes left or thrown into the oceans that harm many fish and other marine life creatures. There was a two piece set, it was a long skirt and tube top made out of a plastic bag with blue “fringes”(rubber gloves) hanging from the top of each piece and it came with a purse made out of these gloves as well. This outfit was inspired by an event in which a whale was found dead and inside the body, one of the things most found were these rubber gloves. There was another simple short plastic dress that had a slit up the left thigh, was sleeveless and at the breast it had a bow design. It was to also represent the pollution plastic creates in the oceans. Plastic is one of the top ten things that pollute the ocean and we thought it was important to make that as clear as possible. The last item was a male short sleeved vest/cardigan also made out of plastic but was supposed to be covered in black to represent the pollution that comes from oil. With the fact that most oil spills into the ocean are done by big industries, clothing industries a lot of the times. I really enjoyed this project. Not only was it fun but I also got to learn things I wasn’t aware of. For example that there is something called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is a collection of garbage that roams the oceans. I hope the class enjoyed our project as much as we did. KEEP IN MIND SUMMER IS COMING PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES AT BEACHES AND RIVERS, AS AN INSENTIVE REMEMBER BOTTLE CANS AND PLASTIC BOTTLES ARE NOW 10 CENTS!

1st Group Project

The first group with the game I thought was good. I liked how they incorporated rewards at the end especially when it comes to a game where exercise is incorporated. I believe doing exercise on its own is difficult for people to do so turning it into a game is very smart and offering prizes is even smarter. People want to win, they want to attain something so prizes is a good way to motivate people to be active. I enjoyed watching this game although I do think it is pretty easy to figure out the way on how to avoid doing the harder exercise and win. My group in the end realized that it’s best to find the papers with the least amount of writing so it would be easier to move on but for children I think would be a fun effective game. 



2nd Group Project

I actually participated in this game project. I really liked and found this game really well thought out and fun. Although I was not super into it because I have a bad wrist so I cannot do any pushups or anything that requires me to bend my wrist a certain way I think that this would be a really effective game if it was to be put out in stores. How it was mentioned in class I feel like this would be a game you could play when having a get together with friends and family. I liked the workouts it had and the way they worked, although I think they could have increased the amount of each exercise was to be done. Overall I think this group did a fantastic job at putting this game together and if my wrist was better I would most definitely purchase this game if it was in store.

3rd Group Project

The food Instagram was a smart project to do. I follow a lot of food pages on Instagram actually so seeing this project was nice. I liked that most of the meals they created were easy and quick to do because many of the times people or I when watching these videos on Instagram I’m looking for things I can make easily and fast. They also provided very detailed instructions on how to make each meals which is very helpful. I liked that each meal was tied to its own social issue. I think food is a good way to make social issues known because who doesn’t love food?

4th Group Project

This food group webpage that was created I found super well designed. It looked like an actual professional page that was in action working that people actually use. I found it super cute and colorful which I think draws people in. I like how they incorporated rewards into it because I truly believe that people like to see that they are achieving or doing something right. Rewards are an incentive to eat healthy and live healthy both physically and mentally. I also really liked how they didn’t only talk about physical health but mental as well. I think in society we are so accustomed to being aware of the physical that we often forget about our mental health. I liked that the page promotes a healthy mentality through the healthy but indulging foods. Overall I really enjoyed this project.

5th Group Project

The book that was created by this group to make people aware of homelessness I think was very clever. The way each group member put in something that connected to themselves into this project was great. The drawings were great, the interview was eye opening, the vision of how to help fic the problem was smart, the way it was all put together was very well done. I liked the way the group managed this project. I also found it very motivating how they took the project a step further and took these booklets to libraries and asked us not to throw them away but to leave them around for others to find and become educated by them. It was a great project!